Storytelling for Influence and Expression

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Storytelling is the ultimate tool for connecting with an audience! By communicating your ideas and experiences through stories you can create an emotional response and claim authority of your subject matter. The audience will be yours.

I’ve experienced this first hand, becoming a local authority on storytelling just by sharing my own stories. I’ve struggled to openly express myself, find my purpose in life, and feel confident in creating the kind of life I truly want for myself, but by sharing the stories of my own struggles I’ve encountered people that struggle with the same thing too. It’s helped me become more comfortable in sharing my own experiences and building an audiences around a shared set of personal ideas.

I want to teach you storytelling.

By translating your experiences into stories you enable your audience to connect with you on a more personal level. They’ll have a better idea of what you stand for and will be more willing to listen and share your ideas in the future too. This is literally what we’re hardwired to do as humans.

Facts are forgettable. Stories last forever.

Organizations that embrace storytelling and engrain a culture of storytelling into everything they do will see stronger fundraising, decreased turnover, and an overall increased effectiveness in everything they do. 

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