Storytelling for Self Expression

Stories are the basis of our understanding of the world. Our major religions are built on stories. Our most popular forms of entertainment, movies and TV shows, are stories on a screen. We also develop understanding of our own thoughts and actions through the stories we tell ourselves.

Like any art form, storytelling can be used to express an emotion that isn't always easy to explain. It's also a form of communication and self-expression, giving voice to a personal idea in a way that can help other people feel it the same way the author does.

This workshop explores the elements of writing our own stories. Beginners and experienced writers can all benefit. It can can be helpful for people looking for a creative outlet, to write for personal health or life perspective or just to try something new. There's a surprisingly straightforward formula for writing a story and making it affecting, but what we chose to write about can revealing something about the author too.

Contact the Storytelling Consultant to find out when the next Storytelling for Self Expression workshop will be held.